spill the beans, 2014

Design concept

During my studies of “Interior Architecture and 3D Design” a spatial concept for “Levante`s Coffee & Bakery” was developed. In reference to the intense but digestible form of Levantine cuisine, a  single coffee bean within a great number of beans, was the starting point for the spatial design concept.

An ordinary coffee bean is 10,8 mm long, 8,5 mm wide and 4,8 mm high. On a scale of 100:1, modelled on the basis of macrophotos, comfortable seating accommodation for the lounge-zone evolved. Red, the colour of the Levante-logo, functions as an eye-catching outward appearance and establishes a relation to the colour of the original coffee berry.

The oversized beans are spaced out as convenient seating accommodation within the lounge-zone and invite the guests to stay. Only many beans together can make coffee.

Playing with proportions becomes the concept and is extended to the construction of the ceiling and the wall. An image of a roasted coffee bean via electron microscopy scanning reveals the secret inner structure of its cavities, chambers and different sized branches. The outlines of the detailed image are vectorized and used for the design of a back-lit ceiling construction and a shade-giving barrier.

“Levante`s Coffee & Bakery” is a place to meet other people. In doing so, the guests even might find out about a secret, which refers to the saying in the title of the project.

Part of the NDU group exhibition, Vienna Design Week, 27.09.-05.10.2014 / group exhibition, Design Biennale Istanbul, 01.11.-14.11.2014