A house in Pillweinstreet, 2010

Time lapse documentary, 4 min 56 sec, 35mm, colour with sound

A HOUSE IN PILLWEINSTREET combines over 3000 scanned slides of the renovation of a large tenement house with the stories of migrants and refugees – the tenants who moved into the building after the renovation and who tell us about their current situation in Austria. The act of continuous photography and the long work hours involved in scanning the slides have allowed Mock to achieve a translation of the protracted renovation process into images. Through the combination of image and sound, of outside and inside, of the past and the present, the different levels are interlinked and give a compacted view of the building and its inhabitants.

Text: Susanne Düchting, Peter Schmieder, Translation: Frauke Jung

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Animation evening in the Grand Hotel zum Rothen Krebsen, Linz, 16.06.2010 / Arbeit nervt! [work gets on our nerves], Künstlerhaus Dortmund, 04.11.-04.12.2011 / Opera publica, Künstlerhaus Vienna, 18.03.-17.04.2016 / Projections, Oberösterreichischer Kunstverein, 19.07.2017