Oasis No. 8, 2014

Rendering and visualisation for an installation by Markus Jeschaunig, Agent in the Biosphere.

The waste heat installation Oasis No. 8 implemented in 2015, is situated in a vacant lot in the city of Graz. Powered by the waste heat of refrigeration units from a local Pizzeria and a local bakery it creates a tropical micro climate for growing bananas, pineapples and papaya plants. As a parasitic architectural intervention it can keep the interior climate of an EFTE bubble at more than 15° Celsius during the winter, the minimum temperature required by the tropical plants. The greenhouse bubble creates a contrast to the historic centre of Graz and uses only unused energy, waste heat from a cold store. The volunteers of the ‘Bananahood’ take care of the plants and control the technical system via smartphone. In late summer 2016 the Papaya and Banana fruits were harvested and tasted by the public. The project is an attempt to reveal energy potentials, criticize established systems and demonstrate new modes of action.

© Markus Jeschaunig

Oasis No. 8, Markus Jeschaunig, 2014, Rendering: Clemens Mock
Oasis No. 8, Markus Jeschaunig, 2014, Visualisation: Clemens Mock