Citoyen/ne, 2015

Visualisation of the French tricolour for the installation CITOYEN/NE (Frankreich) by Margit Nobis, 2015

In contrast to German, the French language has two words for “citizen”: the elitist ‘Bourgeois’ – and the ‘Citoyen’ meaning a person of the civil society. The work CITOYEN/NE by Margit Nobis is dedicated to the second meaning , as the concept of mature, public citizens is still highly relevant in today’s “patronising society”.

© Margit Nobis

CITOYEN/NE (Frankreich) Margit Nobis, visualisation: Clemens Mock, 2015
CITOYEN/NE (Frankreich), Margit Nobis, 2015, digital imagecollage/installation (part of the image)
MQ-Möbel with foliation/installation “CITOYEN/NE” by Margit Nobis, Foto © Bernadette Huber