within the scope of linz, 2003

BetaSP video, colour, 4 min

In this video we see spaces and architecture in which the daily lives of the two artists take place, or have a personal significance for them. A personal cartography. The locations are assembled to create a new contiguity by means of an extremely elaborate process of 3D animation, and the time of day and the acoustical environment change with the movement through the newly assembled city space. WITHIN THE SCOPE OF LINZ provides a visualization of a space which only exists in the imagination.

© Wolfgang Hauer, Clemens Mock

Translation: William Mason


We’ve never had a situation like this, MAK NITE, Vienna, 17.06.2003 / bestOff 03, transpublic, Linz, 02.10.-04.10.2003 / Crossing Europe Filmfestival, Linz, 04.05.-09.05.2004